RISE up!


Hey everyone! Last Sunday was Resurrection day or as many know it, “Easter.” A day set aside to recognize the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather.

I decided to wear a t-shirt and leather skirt instead of a “Easter sunday dress.” It’s always good to switch it up a bit. Change is good in every area of your life but that’s a story for a different post. It’s nice to have a wardrobe that provides you with options, whether it’s slacks and a blouse, a suit, or a denim dress. Without options and versatility, fashion would become boring.


27 thoughts on “RISE up!

  1. Good for you young lady!! Super proud of you! You have always had a different style 💁🏾 I Love what you have done and are doing! great blessings to go far as your dreams will take you!!

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  2. Awesome!!!!!!! Rodney and I are sooooo proud of you. That’s it “be different” and stand out😊
    We support you and we know all your desires/dreams will come true…
    Love you!!


  3. The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible. That would be you baby girl. You always have made mommy proud. Simply gorgeous!

    Love you, Mommy

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  4. Bree, im so proud of you. You have always been a classy young lady (it runs in your genes)! Im looking forward to seeing more from your brand! AJ and I love and support you!

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  5. Congratulations Bree! You’re such a beautiful young woman inside and out. Continue to fulfill your purpose and follow your dreams, falling short of nothing but greatness! I look forward to seeing more. I love and support you 100%.

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  6. Congratulations sissy! I am so proud of you. Continue to achieve your dreams and aspirations, you have my support 2000%. I love you and I look forward to seeing you taking this further and empowering many people as you go.

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  7. Hey my niece!
    I absolutely love it!!!!! I know you will take this to another level with the help of God. Keep your integrity to live a holy and sanctified life before our Lord Jesus Christ…. Let Him take you higher! A reward of seeking God first and His righteousness…. God’s add on’s are beyond what we can think or imagine. I love you much and keep living holy and doing good before God. I look forward to seeing more 🙂

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  8. Hello beautiful lady! You are amazing and such positive and great influence for young women. Keep up the great work! You know you have all of our support!



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